Zillah Williamson

Zillah Williamson was brought up in Walkeringham, a village near Doncaster where her parents lived all their lives. She ventured as far as Gainsborough in Lincolnshire to marry Benjamin Fenton. This was a much larger place, a market town with a rich history. It is five miles away by road, but perhaps more importantly is also on the River Trent.

Zillah, Benjamin and witness Mary Williamson (presumably Zillah’s sister) have all signed their names so were a little more educated than some of our ancestors.

Zillah returned with Benjamin to his home village of Sturton-le-Steeple, another six miles upriver and later they moved to Bole nearby.

They had six children, five boys including our ancestor John and one girl, Mary. Sadly, Zillah died within a month or two of the last birth. Her baby Thomas survived.

Two years later her widower Benjamin re-married, perhaps understandably with his young family, and he lived to be 78 years old.

Mother of John Fenton, daughter of Barnabas and Zilla Williamson

Baptised Zillah Williamson on 5 June 1755 at Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire

Married Benjamin Fenton on 16 May 1780

Buried 8 June 1789

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