William Siddall

William Siddall was the eldest of six children: he had four brothers and, finally, a sister born when he was twelve. They lived a somewhat nomadic life, though they moved only within an area of about 20 km around Dronfield. They finally settled in Cartledge, where his parents would live for over thirty years. William’s wife Sarah had her first baby, Mary, there. Perhaps they stayed at the family home for a while after their marriage.

They soon established their own home in Dronfield and settled down to a farming life. William had an entry in the Holmesfield part of the Derbyshire directory as a farmer at Foxlane. Probably he was a tenant farmer in a small way as there is no record of him paying Land Tax or of his sons following him into the Foxlane farm.

He lived into his seventies, surviving his wife by only two years after almost fifty years of marriage.

Father of Elizabeth Siddall, son of George and Elizabeth Siddall

Baptised William Syddal on 26 December 1756 at Holmesfield, Derbyshire

Married Sarah Marsden on 9 April 1779

Buried 2 October 1829

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