William Robinson III

William Robinson III and his wife Lydia are unique in our family tree so far in that they belong both to generation 7 and generation 8. Two of their six children would become our ancestors in two different families, the Bells and the Berrys: the story is here.

William and Lydia first lived in Pudsey where four of their children were born but in 1777/8 they moved to Calverley Carr on the boundary of Leeds and Bradford. This is about 5km away from Pudsey – and incidentally, about the same distance from where I’m sitting now!

We have no record of William’s employment but the area was heavily involved in the woollen industry. At this time people worked at home, the spinning and hand-loom weaving divided amongst the family. The women usually did the spinning – which is where we get the word “spinster” – and even the children would lend a hand.

After only 16 years of marriage William died, leaving Lydia with three teenage girls and three children under the age of ten. I have not found a record of either re-marriage or death for Lydia. However we do know that at least two of her children married and established families in the area.

Father of both William Robinson IV and Bethia Robinson: son of Hannah and William Robinson II

Born in Pudsey and baptised on 10 October 1731 at Calverley, Yorkshire

Married Lydia Mortimer on 5 August 1771

Died at Calverley Carr and buried on 10 October 1787

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