Thomas Ellingworth

I have found out nothing about Thomas Ellingworth’s early life or occupation but I do know he lived in Norwich, the county town of Norfolk. His first marriage was filled with tragedy. His children Elizabeth, Joseph, Sarah, and Armont were all buried in infancy. In 1744 his wife Elizabeth died, presumably in childbirth and was buried with her baby Samuel. Only our ancestor Elizabeth and her elder brother Thomas survived to adulthood.

Three years later Thomas married again and I have found no children of that marriage. The family had now moved to the suburbs of Norwich, a village named Horsham St Faith.

It was in the records of this parish that I found one of the most heart-rending single pages. On 5 January 1767 young Thomas Jnr was married to Mary Boswell. On 26 June their daughter Elizabeth was baptised and on the 28 June the baby was buried. Thomas, who had lost five siblings before he was six years old, must have felt that history was doomed to repeat itself.

Thomas Snr continued to live in Horsham, as far as we know, until his death in 1774.

Father of Elizabeth Ellingworth

I have found no birth record for Thomas Ellingworth

Married Elizabeth Amond on 21 February 1737 in Norwich, Norfolk

and Elizabeth Rogers 21 April 1747

Buried 22 November 1774

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