Thomas Bingham Jnr

Thomas Bingham Jnr was born four years after his parents’ marriage and seems to have been their only child. Both his father and grandfather were farmers, and it looks like Thomas and his son carried on cultivating the land.

Thomas Jnr and his wife Jane had ten children. His daughter Jane, our ancestor, would continue to live in Sturton after her marriage there in 1787. Thomas would live to see the first four of her nine children. No doubt he had many more grandchildren from her siblings.

Thomas Bingham’s will was proved in July 1797. In Land Tax records of 1798, one Thomas Bingham is renting quite substantial pieces of land in Clarborough, Clayworth and Gringley. (All of these places are within about 10km of Sturton-le-Steeple.) Therefore it seems likely that Thomas Jnr’s eldest son has taken over the land on his father’s death.

Father of Jane Bingham and son of Elizabeth and Thomas Bingham Snr

Baptised on 24 May 1738 at Sturton le Steeple, Nottinghamshire

Married Jane Fox on 6 May 1759

Buried 21 May 1796

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