Richard Naylor Jnr

Richard Naylor Jnr, his sister Elizabeth and his brother Thomas were born at Thornton Curtis, North Lincolnshire. Not long after his birth the family moved to the banks of the Humber estuary at East Halton. Born here were the younger brothers Matthew, John and Samuel. These villages are within about a 5 km radius of Goxhill, where his mother was born and his parents married. They lie between Barrow and Immingham on the south bank of the Humber.

There is no indication of his father’s occupation, but I wonder if it was centred around the river? That would account for Richard Jnr finding a bride at Adlingfleet, where the Humber, Trent and Ouse meet. A fair journey of 55 km on foot or horseback, but probably less by boat.

The newly-weds settled at Luddington, near Scunthorpe, and Richard opened an alehouse. It was obviously a successful venture which he operated until his death at the age of 72. Thanks to Stephen Ward, we have a copy of his will. It does not specify the value of his estate, but tells us he was a victualler (publican) and is very informative about his family.

He has five surviving children, all daughters. He leaves his three sons-in-law and his unmarried daughter one guinea each – somewhere between £1700 and £1900 in 2020. They are John Mayson, our ancestor Thomas Halkan, Joseph Taylor and Hannah Naylor.

But the bulk of his estate he leaves jointly to his wife Mary and his widowed daughter, Elizabeth Riggall. Perhaps Elizabeth had helped her parents in the alehouse since her husband’s death and was dependent on it for her income. (Not for long – she re-married within months of her father’s death!)

We know that Mary carried on the business as we have a licence application from her just a couple of months before she died in 1792.

Father of Winifred Naylor and son of Winifred and Richard Naylor Snr

Baptised on 14 October 1716 at Thornton Curtis, Lincolnshire

Married Mary Laister on 3 April 1742

Buried on 27 June 1788

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