Richard Kitchin

Richard Kitchin was the son of a sailor, born at Morton on the banks of the River Trent. Clearly John Kitchin worked on a river boat, probably based at Gainsborough just 2 km away. Although Gainsborough was not recognised as a port until 1841, during Richard’s lifetime it was a major hub for the shipment of a variety of goods and especially coal. In 1794 there were 300 coal vessels per year docking at Gainsborough, according to a fascinating account on Gainsborough’s heritage website.

We don’t know if Richard followed his father’s profession but we do know that two of his daughters could sign their names on the church marriage registers. That would seem to imply a good education and therefore a fairly well-to-do lifestyle.

Richard and his wife Mary had only one son, George, who died in infancy, and three daughters: Mary (our ancestor), Ann and Elizabeth. Sadly Richard’s wife Mary died at the age of 32, when Elizabeth was a year old.

With three daughters under five to raise, I would expect Richard to marry again, but I have found no evidence of this. (Having said that, the records kept at Lea aren’t of the best: our ancestor Mary’s baptism was not recorded at the time and was only noted as an omission some twenty years later!)

Richard himself lived to the fine age of 78 and was buried at Lea.

Father of Mary Kitchen and son of John and Mary Kitchin

Born at Morton and baptised 4 January 1755 at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Married Mary Markham on 11 November 1795

Buried 20 January 1832

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