Minta Licence

The wife of Richard Savage III has confused her great-great-great-great-grand-daughter tremendously during this research! The four Richard Savages are confusing enough but Minta Licence is the opposite – one woman with at least five names! Minta, Ominta and Aminta are probably varieties of the same name but Mary and Meditation are clearly different. One of her grand-daughters was named Meditation, which gives me some confidence that they are all the same person.

If I’m right, she had only four children, Richard, Maria, Mary Ann and Robert. The youngest was born in 1796, when Many-names was only 35. Perhaps it was so difficult a birth that she could have no more children.

Mother of Richard Savage IV, daughter of Robert and Rebecca Licence

Baptised Minta* Licence on 7 March 1761 in South Lopham, Norfolk

Married* Richard Savage III on 8 November 1785

Mary* Savage was buried at Kirby Cane on 6 June 1823

*Her name appears as Minta, Aminta, Ominta, Mary and Meditation in the different legal documents.

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