Mary Robinson

Mary lived and died before the census started, so we know very little about her except from church records.

The Wesleyan Methodist church where she was baptised was built in 1806, which may account for the fact that she was not baptised in 1802 as a baby.

She bore at least six children in the ten years of her marriage and was widowed at the age of thirty. Her eldest boy was then nine years old and her youngest would be born two months later. Her parents and in-laws were all close by to help, but her short life must have been a hard one.

Five years after the death of her husband she herself died.

Mother of Thompson, daughter of William and Martha Robinson

Born on 20 March 1802 and baptised at the Westgate Methodist church, Baildon on 3 July 1808.

Married Jeremiah Bell on 14 October 1822

Buried 23 October 1838 at St John the Evangelist church, Baildon

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