Mary Knights

Mary Knights was the eldest child of Thomas and Elizabeth Knights of Hedenham in Norfolk. I have found two further births in the family: Elizabeth in 1711 and Robert in 1713. The village was also home to our Baldry, Hanworth and Brows ancestors. Besides these, there were Ravens and Fisks who were probably also our relations, though not perhaps in a direct line. In the first 20 years of the eighteenth century there were up to twenty children born in Hedenham to the various families who would become the branches of our family tree. You can imagine a lively throng of children playing, and of course working, together as they grew up.

However Mary had been separated from her playmates by the time she was eighteen. She hadn’t gone far, only to Bungay 8 km away over the Suffolk border, but perhaps that was far enough. There she gave birth to John. His baptism in Bungay is the last record I have found of her.

We can take some comfort in the fact that I have found no record of her early death: had she died in childbirth or soon after, no doubt she would have been buried in Bungay.

We do not know if she married, or if she was able to go back to her home in Hedenham. If she did marry what happened to John? Did she stay in Bungay and make a living on the river? Unfortunately we will likely never answer these questions.

Mother of John Knights and daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Knights

Baptised on 12 August 1706 at Hedenham, Norfolk

No record of a marriage

No record of death found

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