Mary Herrod

Mary was the seventh child of nine in the Herrod family. She also had nine children so her seventh child, George, should have had second sight if old country tales are to be believed!

Our only source of information is church records, which can be interesting in themselves: for example, it seems that Mary’s Uncle Thomas may have been a churchwarden or other functionary. He is witness to several other marriages as well as those in the Herrod family.

Mary died at the age of 84 in August 1835, six months after her husband. She and Henry had been married for 59 years and had lived all of their lives in Stockton.

Mother of Phoebe Fisk, daughter of Robert and Sarah Herrod

Baptised Mary Herrod on 10 May 1751 at Stockton, Norfolk

Married Henry Fisk on 7 February 1776

Buried at Stockton on 25 August 1835

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