Mary Ayre

Mary was the eldest of the three Ayre children, all baptised at the church of St Peter in Elmton, Derbyshire. However, by the time of her marriage she had moved to Clarborough, on the Nottinghamshire side of Worksop, and had also joined the Society of Friends, or Quakers.

Mary gave birth to seven children and it seems that both Jane, the first girl, and William, the first boy, died in infancy. I have found no record of their deaths but subsequent children were named Jane and William. Children were often named after their deceased siblings as a mark of respect and love for their memory.

Mary outlived her husband by seven years. She remained at their home in Spital Hill until her death, and was buried by the Friends at South Leverton.

Mother of Elizabeth Parker, daughter of John Aires

Baptised Mary Aires on 19 September 1714 at Elmton, Derbyshire but the name is rendered Eyre, Ayre, Ayres, on different documents.

Married William Parker on 18 of the 6th month (August) 1738

Died 2 February 1793 and buried 4 February 1793 in the Friends Burying-Ground at South Leverton

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