Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark was the eldest of the two daughters of Charles and Sarah Clarke. Both her parents had been widowed and her father was forty when she was born. Probably too late in life to think of starting another big family!

Margaret herself was twenty-eight when she married Richard Finch and they also had a small family. Our ancestor Susan was the oldest. Her sister Mary, born two years later, died in infancy. The third child, also named Mary, was born four years after the death of her namesake.

The family settled in Ditchingham, over the River Waveney and over the border in Norfolk. Margaret lived to see her two surviving daughters settled and the mothers of fine families. Susan had ten children before her mother’s death in 1774 and Mary four. Susan was in Ditchingham, married to Henry Crickmore, but Mary, now Mrs Abram, had moved to Norwich, the county town 25 km away.

Richard died two years after his wife and didn’t live to see the final Crickmore grandchild, born just months after his death and named after him.

Mother of Susan Finch and daughter of Charles and Sarah Clarke

Baptised on 19 October 1705 at Hales, Norfolk

Married Richard Finch in 1733 at Bungay, Suffolk

Buried 3 July 1774

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