John Ward Jnr

John Ward Jnr was the youngest of four children born to John Ward Snr and his wife Elizabeth at Dronfield. He became a carpenter and perhaps his work took him away from home – certainly he married a girl from Sheffield and brought her back to Dronfield.

They lived in Dronfield for about six years and then moved to Unstone nearby. They stayed here until the late 1850s, when they moved to Cavendish Square, Sheepbridge, famous as the birthplace of my father! The Square was then newly built by the Dunston and Barlow Mineral Company for its workers. No doubt John’s sons, all coal miners, would have worked for the company.

John died in 1860 at the age of 50 (as I believe).

Father of Esther Ward and son of Elizabeth and John Ward Snr

Baptised John Ward on 4 March 1810 at Dronfield, Derbyshire

Married Elizabeth Spooner on 16 September 1832

Buried 28 September 1860

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