John Leachman I

John Leachman I wasn’t, actually, the first John Leachman in our ancestry: his father was also of the same name. However, I made a decision early on to go back only nine generations so I begin the story with this John Leachman. I’m delighted I looked up his birth record, though – his mother shared my name so our tree now starts and ends with a Ruth!

Unfortunately, there is a sad start to the Leachman line. John and Margaret were married by licence in February 1729. Margaret was 32 years old, eight years older than her husband and although they both lived in Nettleham, they were married at Helmswell about 20km away.

Their son John was born two months later and died within the week. I do hope theirs was a love marriage and not one undertaken merely for propriety to give a name to that poor infant. What a prospect to be married for life, without love, once the reason for the marriage had gone.

John and Margaret moved away from Nettleham after the death of their son and settled in South Carlton, only about 10km away, but perhaps far enough to be able to start again. They went on to have four more children including a second John Leachman, our ancestor.

Father of John Leachman II and son of John and Ruth Leachman

Baptised on 28 November 1703 at Cammeringham, Lincolnshire

Married Margaret Fed on 27 February 1729

No record of death found

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