John Forkes

John Forkes was a cad, a dupe or the victim of a cruel slander: or there was a complicated three-way relationship going on. In October 1775 he married Elizabeth Ellingsworth at Hingham. In late March or early April 1776 a boy was born and was baptised in the same church: “John Forks, natural son of Ann Skipper”. At the time of his marriage did he, or Elizabeth, or indeed Ann herself, know that young John was on the way?

The remarkable thing is that Ann was born in Horsham St Faith, where Elizabeth had lived for most of her life. Were the two women friends who had made the journey to Hingham together and fallen for the same man? Or did John, the cad, marry Elizabeth to escape marriage to Ann? Or did he and his wife nobly allow their friend to use his name to protect the real father? Oh, for a time machine!

Father of Ann Forkes and son of Benjamin and Anne Forke

Born on 25 January 1746 and baptised John Forke on 2 February 1746 at Norwich, Norfolk

Married Elizabeth Ellingsworth on 11 October 1775

Possible burial 6 April 1832 at East Bradenham

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