John Ellis & Mary Horsfall – marriage transcript

This is the record of marriage between John Ellis and Mary Horsfall at the Gildersome Quaker Meeting House:


Whereas John Ellis of Gildersome in the Parish of Batley and in the County of York, Schoolmaster, Son of John Ellis of Mansfield in the County of Nottingham, Flax Dresser, and Mary his Wife,

And Mary Horsfall, Daughter of William Horsfall of Gildersome in the parish of Batley and County of York aforesaid, Clothier, deceased, and Mary his Wife

Have declared their Intentions of taking each other in marriage before several Meetings of the people called Quakers in the County of York aforesaid. The proceedings of the said John Ellis and Mary Horsfall after due Enquiry and Deliberate Consideration thereof have been allowed by the said Meetings. They appearing clear of all others and having consent of parents and relations concerned.

Now these are to certify to all whom it may concern that for the Accomplishing of their said Marriage this twenty seventh day of the Ninth Month called September in the year one Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Four, They the said John Ellis and Mary Horsfall appeared in a publick Assembly of the aforesaid people and others in their Meeting house in Gildersome aforesaid.

And he, the said John Ellis, taking the said Mary Horsfall by the Hand did openly and solemnly declare as followeth, viz:

“Friends, in the Fear of the Lord and before this Assembly I take this my Friend Mary Horsfall to be my Wife, promising through Divine Assistance to be unto her a Loving and Faithful Husband until it shall please the Lord by Death to separate us.” Or Words to that Effect.

And then the said Mary Horsfall did in like Manner declare as followeth:

“Friends, in the Fear of the Lord and before this Assembly I take this my Friend John Ellis to be my Husband, promising through Divine Assistance to be unto him a Loving and Faithful Wife until it shall please the Lord by Death to separate us.” Or Words to that Effect.

And the said John Ellis and Mary Horsfall as a further confirmation thereof and in testimony thereunto did then and there to these presents set their Hands:

John Ellis                  Mary Horsfall

We whose names are hereunto subscribed being present among others at the Solemnizing of the above Marriage and Subscription in Manner aforesaid as Witnesses have also to these presents subscribed our names the day and year above Written.


James Jowet                      Mary Ashworth                  Martha King                       John Ellis1

Wilm. Hudson                   Sarah Hudson                    Hannah Walker                  Mary Horsfall2

Wilm. Gott                        Elizabeth Swire                 Wm . Hopkins                    George Ellis3

Jno. Booth                        Eleanor Kearny                  Joseph Benson                  Mary Ellis4

Mary Atkinson                  Sarah Blakey                     Mary Benson                     Saml. Horsfall5

John Horsfalls                   Sarah Sharp                     Susanna Jackson               Thos. Horsfall6

William Robinson             Phebe Ashworth              Hannah Greenwood        John Horsfall7

Owen Scatcherd               Dorothy Ashworth           Mary Walker                       Joseph Horsfall8

Nathaniel Booth               Hannah Ashworth           Joseph Jackson                  Sarah Smith9

Joseph Scatcherd             Thomas Hopkins             Mary Brown                        Benj. Smith10

Azarias Williams               Joseph Hopkins              Thos. Wilson                       Tabitha Horsfall11

Nathaniel Turton              Joseph Jackson               Robt. Walker Junr.            John Horsfall12

Richard Bradshaw            James Cooper                  Mary Clough

                                                Elizabeth Myers                 Wm. Greenwood

                                                Sarah Walker                     Mary Jackson

                                                Martha Jackson                 Thos. King

                                                                                           Wm. Smyth



  1. paragraphs and punctuation have been inserted for ease of reading
  2. relations as far as possible identified as:

1 Groom’s father               2 Bride’s mother             Groom’s brother           Groom’s mother

5 Bride’s brother               6 Bride’s brother            7 Bride’s brother               8 Bride’s brother

9 Bride’s sister                    10 Bride’s brother-in-law (husband of Sarah)             

11Bride’s sister-in-law (wife of Samuel)                                   12 Unknown relative of the bride

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