John Clarke Snr

John Clarke Snr was born in Yeadon, on the moors between Bradford and Leeds. He was the eldest child of four and the only boy. His father was a labourer, which would mean an agricultural labourer at that time and place.

John was able to improve on his father’s occupation by concentrating on the making of cloth. This specialisation would be the foundation of the woollen industry in which their descendants, down to yours truly, would be involved!

John married the daughter of a carpenter from nearby Menston and brought her back to Yeadon. Her name was Ann Clark. I don’t think she was any relation and the parish clerk has been careful to spell her name without the “e”.

Their eldest child, Ann, died in infancy, as so many firstborn children did at that time. I don’t believe the feeling of loss would be any less even though parents were prepared for the worst.

John and Ann had five more children: Benjamin, Nanny, Squire (our ancestor), John and Susan. The whole family would have helped in the manufacture of the cloth, each having their own role to play in the complicated process.

John never left Yeadon: he died there at the grand old age of 83. He was buried at St Oswald’s church, Guiseley, where he had been baptised and married.

Father of Squire Clerk and son of Richard Clark

Born in Yeadon and baptised in October 1728 at Guiseley, Yorkshire

Married Ann Clark on 1 January 1748

Buried 26 February 1802

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