John Bell

By the time of the 1841 Census John and Sarah Bell have been married eight years and have a daughter Jane (our ancestor) and a son Francis.

There is also living with them a 12-year-old John White, who may have been a relative of Sarah’s, and of course he might just have been staying the night. (Unfortunately the 1841 census doesn’t give as much detail as later ones.)

In 1851 John and his son Francis – now eleven years old – are both farm labourers and there is an addition to the family, Samuel, aged 6 (as I believe, it’s hard to read).

Ten years on in 1861, John is widowed and he has neither son at home. He has, however, his daughter Jane, her husband Barnabas, and their son William living with him – or again, maybe just visiting.

Father of Jane and son of Samuel and Jane Bell

Baptised on 6 November 1803 in Hayton, Nottinghamshire

Married Sarah White on 13 March 1833

Buried 16 Dec 1870

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