Jane Fox

Jane Fox was the youngest child of five. Sadly she would not remember her father as he died when she was sixteen months old. He left more than £40 in his will (£85,000 in 2020 wages) . This figure is significant as it is the maximum amount recorded on the probate index. In other words, the court did not record any amounts greater than this, so the estate may well have been worth much more.

It’s possible the family may have moved about 10 km away at some point after this. I have found a record from 1745 of a widow Margaret Fox from Upton marrying a widower Thomas Flower from Sturton le Steeple. They settled back in Sturton where their daughter Lydia was born.

Jane herself was certainly married at Sturton and lived all her life there. She was a farmer’s wife and had ten children, so her life would have been a busy and hard-working one. Her husband died when the youngest of their children was fourteen, an age which would be regarded as much more mature then than now.

Thomas Bingham left his farms to his oldest son, I believe. No doubt he would have provided a home for his mother, who lived to the ripe old age of 78.

Mother of Jane Bingham and daughter of Joseph and Margaret Fox

Baptised on 30 October 1737 at Sturton le Steeple, Nottinghamshire

Married Thomas Bingham Jnr on 6 May 1759

Buried 9 June 1816

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