James Ward

James Ward was born some time before the census began, so we have little information about his early life.

By the time of the 1841 census he had been married about ten years and had five children. He was an agricultural labourer at this time but by the 1851 census he had changed both his occupation and his address.

In 1851 and for the rest of his life he lived in Piggs Cottages and was a fisherman. As time went by he became a “fishmonger” and “fish dealer” – maybe he left the work of catching the fish to younger men.

He died at the age of 65, leaving his wife Mary, seven children and at least ten grandchildren. There is no reason to suppose he had ever left Hingham.

Father of Mary Ann, son of John and Ann  Ward

Born James Ward on 18 May 1809 in Hingham, Norfolk

Married Mary Raven on 8 November 1831

Died in 1874 and buried 24 August

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