Henry Johnson Jnr

Henry Johnson Jnr is the earliest ancestor of the Johnson line that we know much about. His father was also Henry and his mother was Elizabeth. I have found the record of one sister, Anne, who was born in 1718 at Whitwell. However I have not found anything else for Henry Snr and Elizabeth.

There is not much more to tell of Henry Johnson Jnr and his wife Rachael. She came from Dronfield about 20 km on the opposite side of Chesterfield. Henry brought her back to Whitwell and their three children were born there.

We have no direct evidence of Henry’s occupation or income, but he must have been able to afford to apprentice his son John. I have not found the record of his indentures, but we do know he became a master cordwainer, or high-class shoemaker.

Henry’s wife Rachel died in 1766 and Henry himself nine years later. Both were buried in Whitwell. They were the last of this line to be buried there: the Johnsons now moved to Chesterfield where they remain to this day!

Father of John Johnson, son of Elizabeth and Henry Johnson Snr

Baptised on 25 March 1716 at Whitwell, Derbyshire

Married Rachael Middleton on 20 October 1736 at Dronfield

Buried 5 November 1775

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