Henry Fisk Jnr

We have only church records for Henry Fisk, and he didn’t quite make it to the first census in 1841.

Henry lived in Stockton, Norfolk all his life as far as the records tell us. He seems to have been a working man and lacked the means to support his father in his old age. Henry and his wife Mary were described as “labourers” on the birth record of their twins William and John.

They were married for 59 years and had nine children as far as we know. It seems they all survived infancy, but sadly their eldest son died at the age of seventeen.

Henry lived to the ripe old age of 97. He lived through a time of massive change when selective stock breeding, land enclosures and improvements in transport revolutionised the lives of Norfolk agricultural labourers.

Father of Phoebe, son of Anne and Henry Fisk Snr

Baptised Henry Fiske 30 April 1738 in Stockton, Norfolk

Married Mary Herrod on 7 February 1776

Buried at Stockton 22 February 1835

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