Henry Crickmore III

Henry Crickmore was the middle child of Henry and Sarah Crickmore’s family. He was born in Ellingham, Norfolk and lived most of his life close by in Kirby Cane. By the time of the 1841 Census, the family were based in Kirby Cane, with three brothers working away on different farms. Henry and his elder brother William had left the family home and were keeping house together not far away.

His future in-laws, the Savages, also lived nearby but on the night of the canvas, his future wife Eliza was away from home. She and Henry were married two years later, settled down in Kirby Cane and would live there all their lives. Henry worked on the land and at one point rose to be a farm bailiff, a responsible job for someone who started his working life as a brickmaker!

Father of Harry, son of Henry  and Sarah Crickmore

Baptised Henry Crickmore on 28 March 1819 in Ellingham, Norfolk

Married Eliza Savage on 2 November 1843

Buried 29 October 1908 at Kirby Cane

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