Grace Beck

Grace Beck was born, lived and died in Baildon. She was the eighth of nine children. Her father was a labourer when she was born but he was recorded as a “clothier” when he died in 1773. Her brother James became a shopkeeper and did well enough to leave a will.

Grace married a worsted weaver with whom she had five children. He too was born and spent all his life in Baildon, a centre of the woollen trade before the rise of nearby Bradford.

Their daughters Hannah, Matty (Martha – our ancestor) and Ann all married local men and settled down nearby. Sadly Hannah died in 1798, four years after her marriage.

Her mother survived her by 28 years and died at the ripe old age of 83.

Mother of Martha Overend, daughter of James and Mercy Beck

Baptised Grace Beck on 12 February 1743 in Baildon, Yorkshire

Married Nathan Overend on 10 September 1769

Buried 28 March 1826

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