Gladys Crickmore


My mum Gladys Crickmore, so pretty and elegant in the 1930’s.

Her life was to be tinged with sorrow but she would have the enduring love of her husband Steve. I was her only child to survive from many pregnancies, and then only through the constant care and efficiency of the new NHS.

A complex, intelligent, under-achieving woman who would have made such a difference to the world if she had been born a generation later, with all the advantages women enjoy now.

As it was, she made the most of her domestic role, keeping an open house for all the waifs and strays my father brought home.

She had to go out to work, of course, but only took part-time, low-skill jobs. She never was able to realise her potential or her dreams.

Only her family knew the strength of this argumentative, combative, stimulating, loving woman whose “price was far above rubies”.

Mother of Ruth and daughter of Tommy and Flo Crickmore

Born Gladys Crickmore on 15 March 1913 in Bradford, Yorkshire

Married Stephen Johnson on 11 July 1942

Died 11 April 2005 and buried in Undercliffe Cemetery

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  1. Michael Berry

    G’day, my name is Michael Berry, and live in Sydney Australia.
    I am the direct descendant of Benjamin Berry (Hannah’s brother) who was transported to Australia for highway robbery.
    Our common ancestors are John Berry and Bethia (Betty) Robinson.
    I was grateful to find information on your website about John and Bettys’ parents/ grandparents (Thomas Berry/ Elizabeth Sudgen/William Robinson /Benjamin Robinson).
    I am in Bradford on 25/26 Jan 2020 and I plan to visit St Wilfreds at Calverly and Bradford Cathedral, but if you could suggest other significant places where the family lived or worked I would greatly appreciate it?
    – Places they lived: I could not find 32 Summer Street, Bradford on Google Maps only Summer Hill Street?
    – Burial locations: John Berry (buried Bradford Cathedral), 28 Oct 1847 and Bethia was buried?
    – Places they worked:? I know John and Benjamin were both woolcombers – do you know for which mill?
    I would be more than happy to share with you any records that I have relating to Benjamin Berrys descendants…or if there is any information I can collect on your behalf whilst in these locations?
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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