George Siddall

George Sidall (Sydall, Siddall, Syddall as you wish!) has been a source of frustration to his 6 x great-grand-daughter, but after extensive research I have not found any convincing records of his parents and possible siblings except his father’s name, George. Even his own son John’s birth record has given me grief!

George was born at the Birks, a location I haven’t been able to find but which was part of the township of Holmesfield near Dronfield. He was married in 1756 to Elizabeth Raworth in the parish church at Dronfield, and the record is graced by the elegant signatures of both parties.

The Sidalls seemed to move around within Holmesfield, perhaps with the availability of work. Their final home was at Cartledge: George died there in 1813 and Elizabeth six years later.

Father of William Sydall and son of George Sidall

Baptised George Sidall on 29 June 1735 at Holmesfield, Derbyshire

Married Elizabeth Raworth on 1 March 1756

Buried 19 October 1813

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