George Siddall

George Sidall (Sydall, Siddall, Syddall as you wish!) has been a source of frustration to his 6 x great-grand-daughter, but after extensive research I have finally found convincing records of his parents and possible siblings. Even his own son John’s birth record has given me grief!

George was born in the township of Holmesfield near Dronfield, the second of four sons born to Thomas and Ann. He was married in 1756 to Elizabeth Raworth in the parish church at Dronfield, and the record is graced by the elegant signatures of both parties. Eighteenth-century Dronfield was an educated place: out of sixteen people married on the same register page, ten were able to sign their names!

The Sidalls seemed to move around within Holmesfield, according to the birth records of their children. Their final home was at Cartledge: George died there in 1813 and Elizabeth six years later.

Father of William Sydall and son of Thomas and Ann Sidall

Baptised on 16 March 1728 at Holmesfield, Derbyshire

Married Elizabeth Raworth on 1 March 1756

Buried 19 October 1813

2 thoughts on “George Siddall”

  1. Hi Cuz, we have a link – George Siddall 1725 is my 5th great grandfather –
    Leigh Ryan
    → Keith Francis Ryan
    your father → Eleanor Maude Golding
    his mother → Harold (Mack) Clarence Golding
    her brother → Marie Frances Ryan
    his wife → John Edward Ryan
    her father → Annie Siddall
    his mother → Paul Siddall
    her father → Elias Siddall
    his father → George Siddall
    his father, I also have James siddall 1689 his father George siddall Jr 1664 his father George William Sn 1634 his father Gulielmis (William) Siddall all born in Dronfield except for this last one who was born in Eyam.

    1. Ruth the Admin

      Hi Leigh, How exciting!
      I’ve found George and Elias on my tree spreadsheet – I’ve sent you a more detailed email.
      Watch this space for amendments to the Siddall story!

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