Faith Pickard

At last! My study of Latin at school has finally come in handy. Clergymen at a certain point in history prided themselves on recording events in Latin, which can be trying. In the records of Thorp Arch, Wetherby, I have found “Fides filia Elias Pickard baptizata fuit decimo 4th”. “Faith the daughter of Elias Pickard was baptised on 4th January” (January being the tenth [decimo] month of the Julian calendar). The priest has even taken the trouble to translate her name “Faith” to “Fides”!

Faith is the only child I have found of Elias Pickard, either in Wetherby or Pannal, near Harrogate, where she was living at the time of her marriage to Mark Bell. There was a family of Pickards living in Pannal who were tenants of the Earl of Harewood: perhaps they were Faith’s relations and this might explain why she was living there.

She and Mark were married by licence, probably because they came from different parishes. Mark came from Headingley in Leeds, and they were married at Leeds parish church. However, they settled in Pannal where they may have been able to buy some land. Here their seven children were baptised and, sadly, one was buried.

I have found no burial record for Faith, but her husband may be the Mark Bell buried in 1790 at nearby Knaresborough. He was described as a “yeoman” and his age is the only one to be recorded – and no wonder! He was 90 years old.

Mother of Joshua Bell and daughter of Elias Pickard

Baptised “Fides” Pickard on 4 January 1698 (1699 NS) at Thorp Arch, Wetherby, Yorkshire

Married Mark Bell on 22 February 1724

No record of death found

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