Ellen Dady

Something new appears in our history with the Dady family. Not only are we in a new country, Ireland, and with a so-far unrepresented religion, Catholicism, but also there is a military connection. Ellen’s grandfather Hugh White was in the Antrim militia and her husband would join the militia in Yorkshire. There has certainly been no family tradition of involvement with the military except, of course, our brave conscripts and volunteers in two World Wars.

I have not found out when Ellen left Ireland for England but in 1847 she was married in Bradford, Yorkshire. Ellen Dady and David Brickley appear on the same page of the civil marriage register for Bradford in 1847 and it seems likely they were bride and groom. Perhaps they met in Bradford or possibly they knew each other in the “old country”.

Sadly, Ellen would not enjoy her new life in England for very long. She died in 1854 at the age of 30, only seven years after her marriage. She gave birth to four children: Thomas (1848), Stephen (1850), John (1851) and our ancestor Catherine (1852).

Although she, her husband and children had all been baptised as Catholics, Ellen was buried at the parish church, later Bradford Cathedral. A long way from her childhood home in every sense.

Mother of Catherine Brickley and daughter of Peter and Ellen Dady

Baptised on 18 April 1824 at Mallow, Cloyne, Cork, Ireland

Married David Brickley in Bradford sometime in July-September 1847

Died in Horton and buried 17 November 1854

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