Elizabeth Russell

Elizabeth Russell was born in 1695 at Girton, near Newark-on-Trent. She was the third of four daughters in a farming family. At the time of her marriage, the family had moved to Rufford, about 20km away. Her father Joseph was a farmer and was happy to put up the money for a marriage licence guarantee.

She got married rather late in life at the age of 38, to Thomas Bingham. He also was a farmer, holding land in the Retford area. They were married at Mansfield, but settled at Thomas’ home town of Sturton-le-Steeple.

The Binghams seem to have had only one child, Thomas Jnr, four years after their marriage. At the age of 42, Elizabeth maybe would not be able to have more children. I have not found any record of death for Elizabeth or her husband.

Mother of Thomas Bingham Jnr and daughter of Joseph and Isabel Russell

Baptised on 14 January 1695 at Girton, Nottinghamshire

Married Thomas Bingham Snr on 2 May 1734

No record of death found

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