Elizabeth Parker

Elizabeth Parker was born to parents who were members of the Society of Friends “on the 8th of the first month called January 1752 on the 4th day of the week about the hour of 5 in the afternoon”: the Quaker records are incredibly detailed!

The reason for the “first month called January” is that the new Gregorian calendar had started on 1st January 1752 amidst rioting and civil unrest. Quakers did not generally use the name of the month (or indeed the name of the day) but it was probably a good idea at this time to make absolutely sure your record was clear.

Her sisters, Hannah born in 1746 and Mary in 1749, were recorded as born in “the 7th month called September” and “the 6th month called August”. However, by the time her younger brother William was born in 1755 there was no dispute about his birth on “the 2nd of the 8th month”.

Elizabeth was married at the “crooked spire” in Chesterfield and had her children baptised into the Church of England. It is to be hoped she was a true Anglican, as her son William (our ancestor) would marry the daughter of a Church of England clergyman!

She had five sons; her second son John sadly died when he was four years old. His brother John, born the next year, was no doubt named after him. Elizabeth herself died at the age of 47 and was buried at the church she had joined as a bride 27 years before.

Mother of William Johnson, daughter of William and Mary Parker

Born Elizabeth Parker on 8 January 1752

Married John Johnson by licence on 3 August 1772

Buried 7 August 1799

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