Elizabeth Holt

Elizabeth Holt (known as “Betty”) was the third child, and second girl, of ten children. Like many “weakly” babies, she was baptised soon after birth. Surprisingly, there is another public ceremony seven months later. She was probably baptised by her father, who was the curate of Whitwell where the second christening took place.

Her family home must have been a lively environment to grow up in, and the clergyman’s family would have been in “good” society in the little villages around Chesterfield. She married the son of a well-to-do tradesman and they settled in Newbold, where the potteries would provide a living for two or three generations of our family.

Betty had only two children. I have not found any record of her death nor of a second marriage for her husband William (unless he is, in fact, the William Johnson who founded Pearson’s), but I am inclined to wonder if she died soon after the birth of Linney in 1804.

It is possible that William married again and started the pottery that would become Pearson’s of Chesterfield, but this is pure speculation with no justification whatsoever!

Mother of Joseph Johnson, daughter of Rev David and Mary Holt

Born 10 March 1777 in Clowne and baptised there, then again on 6 October 1777 in Whitwell.

Married William Johnson on 10 August 1797

No record of death found

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