Elizabeth Hanworth Snr

Elizabeth Hanworth was the eldest child of John and Elizabeth Hanworth. Her sister Mary was born two years later; sadly she only lived for six months.  Elizabeth had four more sisters and two brothers and would no doubt have helped her mother care for them all.

At the age of 25 Elizabeth became a mother herself. We have no knowledge of the father or why Elizabeth remained unmarried. The child was also named Elizabeth and would become a matriarch of the Crickmore line.

Elizabeth Snr had another daughter, Phebe, ten years later. She was still not married and it is impossible to know if both her girls had the same father or what were the circumstances of their birth.

Elizabeth lived, presumably in Hedenham, a single woman all her life and died at the age of 73.

Mother of Elizabeth  and daughter of John and Elizabeth Hanworth

Baptised Elizabeth Hanworth on 30 October 1741, Hedenham, Norfolk

Never married

Buried on 18 November 1814 in Hedenham

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