Elizabeth Hanworth Jnr

Elizabeth Hanworth was born, married, and died in Hedenham, Norfolk, and in her short life probably never left that village.

Her mother was a single parent who never married. When Elizabeth was ten years old, her sister Phoebe was born. We do not know who the girls’ fathers were or how the family lived.

When she was nineteen, Elizabeth married William Cullingford and in the next thirteen years they had seven children. Elizabeth died at the age of 36, when her youngest child was four years old.

William did not immediately marry again, as might have been expected. No doubt his mother-in-law Elizabeth, sister-in-law Phoebe and her husband Jarvis Baltitude would have helped him raise his brood. He lived for nearly thirty years after his wife’s death and was buried at Hedenham in 1831.

Mother of Sarah Cullingford and daughter of Elizabeth Hanworth

Born Elizabeth Hanworth on 21 March 1766 in Hedenham, Norfolk

Married William Cullingford on 29 December 1785

Buried on 26 April 1802

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