Elizabeth Cottam

As far as we can tell from registration documents, Elizabeth Cottam spent her life around three villages of North Nottinghamshire: East Markham, West Drayton and Sturton-le-Steeple. They are all within 20 km of each other and the town of Retford.

Elizabeth’s father was a weaver and she would marry a yeoman, a small landowner and farmer. She would no doubt have had a comfortable home. In 1700 her mother died, and perhaps after this the family moved to West Drayton. Elizabeth was living there when she married Richard Staniland at Sturton-le-Steeple. Why they chose to marry there is a mystery – they returned to live in East Markham where all their seven children were baptised.

The couple were married by licence, which they would have had to get in order to marry at a place where neither of them lived. The bond was made by Oliver Cottam, of West Drayton, a yeoman. I have not been able to find out any more about him. It’s likely he was a relative and possibly he had helped the family out after their mother died.

Elizabeth had three sons and four daughters, the youngest our ancestor Martha.

Mother of Martha Staniland and daughter of William and Mary Cottam

Baptised on 12 July 1677 at East Markham, Nottinghamshire

Married Richard Staniland on 17 March 1702

No record of death found

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