Eliza Savage

Eliza was born, lived and died in Kirby Cane, raised eight children there and as far as we can tell, never left the village. The Fisk, Savage and Crickmore families were large and interconnected: important people in this small village, I feel.

At the time of the 1841 census Eliza and her sister were on a visit to Upton with Elizabeth and Maria Harrison, ladies of independent means. The 1841 census doesn’t give relationships, but the two Misses Savage were not servants.

Their grandfather was also recorded as being of independent means in this census, and their father, though he worked on a farm, would later become the parish clerk at nearby Stockton.

So we get the impression of quite a well-to-do family.

Henry and Eliza lived quietly and happily together, as far as we can tell, for the fifty-seven years of their marriage and had eight children, all of whom survived infancy. Henry rose to be a farm bailiff for a while and Eliza took in washing as well as looking after her family. They also had two of their sons at home bringing in a wage so must have been comfortable financially.

Their extended family didn’t do so well, though: both of Eliza’s brothers were widowed early in life and Henry’s brother died at the age of forty-four leaving five orphaned children. Fortunately there were plenty of relatives nearby to help out in times of crisis.

Mother of Harry, daughter of Phoebe and Richard Savage IV

Baptised Elizabeth Savage on 14 October 1821 in Kirby Cane, Norfolk

(but generally known as Eliza)

Married Henry Crickmore on 2 November 1843

Buried 5 October 1900

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