Elisabeth Amond

Elisabeth’s story is tragic but sadly not uncommon.

In the seven years of her marriage she gave birth to seven children, of which only two survived.

Her first child, Elizabeth, was baptised in November 1737 and died less than a year later. Elisabeth was pregnant with her second child when she buried her first. Thomas was baptised on Christmas Eve, 1738, and happily we know that he survived to adulthood.

In July or August of 1740 it seems Elisabeth had twins – they were not recorded as such but Sarah and Joseph were baptised together on 3 August. Sadly, they were buried together on the 30th of the same month. About a year later Armant was born and he was buried on 14 September 1741.

Our ancestor Elizabeth was baptised on 5 December 1742. Her only surviving sibling Thomas would have been four years old: in his short life there had been three babies born and died in the family. Impossible to gauge what effect that would have on a child.

Eighteen months later Samuel was born and baptised on 1 July 1744. This last confinement was too much for Elisabeth and she and her son were buried together four days later.

Mother of Elizabeth Ellingworth

I have found no birth record for Elisabeth Amond

Married Thomas Ellingworth on 21 February 1737 in Norwich, Norfolk

Buried 5 July 1744

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