Barzilai Barker

Barzilai Barker was the eldest child in the family and had two sisters, Amy and Elizabeth. His father was a yeoman, which would have meant a small freehold farmer. Presumably Barzilai would have inherited the farm: I know that his father left a will but have not been able to access it yet.

Barzilai was certainly prosperous enough to have a tombstone in the churchyard of St Mary Magdelene, Walkeringham. I am indebted to the Find a Grave website for this information: the graveyard is currently (2021) not accessible but hopefully there can be a visit in the future.

Father of Zilla Barker, son of Francis and Elizabeth Barker

Baptised Barzillis Barker on 27 December 1689 in Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire

Married Mary Norris on 13 December 1720 (now called Barzilai)

Died 23 and buried 25 March 1762.

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