Barnabas Williamson

Barnabas or Barnaby Williamson was the youngest of four children and the father of six. All of his life, as far as we can see, was spent in Walkeringham, near Doncaster.  During Barnaby’s lifetime, it would have been an agricultural village and even at the 2011 census, the village still had only about a 1000 inhabitants.

This part of the world is where Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and (now) South Yorkshire meet. There were coal mines here as early as 1540, so very possibly Barnabas could have worked in the industry or on the River Trent transporting the coal.

Just a word of advice to anyone making further enquiries – our Thomas Williamson was not one of the family granted a coat of arms, which you might come across.  That family were forced to sell up when their estates were confiscated for being royalists, and they went to live in County Durham  about 1620.

Father of Zilla Williamson, son of Thomas and Anne Williamson

Christened Barnabas (often Barnaby) Williamson on 26 May 1712 in Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire

Married Zilla (Zillah, Zillai) Barker on 5 July 1748

No record of death found

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